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Smart ice blue skin management system


Smart ice blue skin management system

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3800.00 AZN
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Category: Cosmetology
Model: BKAR-01
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The beauty machine combines different functions and can replace several other devices at once, which helps a lot if there is little space in the cabin. For masters, it is simply indispensable, and besides, it is able to attract additional customers due to the fame of a technologically advanced institution where procedures are performed that competitors do not have. Many procedures with the help of a combine are also performed very quickly, because everything you need is at hand right away.

Intelligently diagnose and solve your clients skin concerns with the latest upgraded analytics and 24 Million Pixel high-definition macro camera.  Brilliantly insightful technology, convenient operation, supreme comfort and strong safety make a this machine a must-have for your spa.

Ultrasound Therapy

It can be compared with a kind of "massage" of the face, but only at the cellular level. The sound waves directed by the device pass under the skin and create vibrations in its thickness, due to which metabolic processes are activated and renewal is accelerated.

Gas-liquid peeling and oxygen mesotherapy

Another type of peeling that can be done with Smart Ice Blue is gas-liquid. It implies a non-contact effect on the skin of air and an aqueous solution. The result of the impact is a deep cleansing of the skin as a result of its treatment with fine particles; dead cells are removed, after which regenerative processes are activated.

Vacuum hydropeeling

Another type of peeling available for owners of Smart Ice Blue. Under the influence of vacuum, the traumatic effect during cleaning of the skin pores is minimized and microcirculation is increased, due to which the skin is rejuvenated. The composition applied to the skin during hydropeeling has moisturizing, cleansing, anti-inflammatory and some other effects, and also contains a number of useful trace elements.

"Golden" RF-lifting

Based on exposure to radio waves: they heat the upper layers of the skin, provoking thermolysis and accelerated regeneration over the next 4-6 months. With the help of RF-lifting, the oval of the face is improved and wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin becomes more elastic, it is effective in the fight against acne and a second chin.



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