Viva Medical Group

Viva Medical  Group can trace its history back over 10 years, throughout which the Company’s policy of quality, innovation and service has helped it to maintain a strong market position and develop a reputation for industry leadership in the field of Medical, Orthopedics and Trauma, Laboratory – Engineering teaching.

Viva Medical – Medical Division

The Viva Medical   Division sells equipment for hospitals. Viva Medical is a premier surgical and medical equipment supplier that provides a combination of equipment to medical professionals in Azerbaijan. Viva Medical offers a value to doctors by providing the features and reliability they need while still fitting within their budget. Our focus is to be a single supplier for all of your major operating room equipment and surgical equipment. Our clients find that with one point of contact, the purchasing process is a much more efficient and pleasant process.

Products & Services

Viva Medical specializes in equipment for the operating room and critical care environment. We offer complete suites of anesthesia machines, monitors, lighting, tables, respiratory ventilators, electrosurgical units, microscopes, defibrillators, and much more.

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Vivascience – Education and Laboratory Division

Operating since 2005, the Viva Medical Group Education Division designs and sells equipment for engineering education and research. Used at universities, colleges, schools and research centres around the globe, Viva Medical Group equipment is known for innovative designs and a level of quality unmatched in the industry. The Viva Medical Group range covers all of the main engineering disciplines, and is constantly evolving in line with the growing demands of engineering education.

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Vivafix – Orthopedics and Trauma Division

Orthopedics – Rehabilitation and Trauma equipment Division has been established also in 2005. Since then, we provide the highest quality equipment service in Azerbaijan for our customers. Vivafix sector sells soft orthopedic (corsets, immobilizers, neck collars), rehabilitation (wheelchairs, walkers and other walking aids products) and trauma products (nailing systems, screws, plates, Ilizarov apparatus, external fixators and general instruments).

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Quality Assurance

We apply quality assurance across our business to ensure that Viva Medical Group customers benefit from industry-leading products, service and support.

We apply strict quality assurance measures to all aspects of our operation, including design origination, contract management, order processing, manufacture, testing and inspection. All equipment is fully documented for quality assurance and after-sales service, and comes with an extended two year warranty.